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Product Descriptions

AppArmor Custom Safety App

A custom mobile safety app for iOS and Android devices. Allows your community members to keep themselves safe using a variety of mobile features. More information available here:

AppArmor Alert

The AppArmor Unified Notification system allows your team to send CAP compliant emergency notifications through a variety of mechanisms including:


         Mass Email

         Desktop Notifications and Panic Button

         Automated Outbound Calling

         Social Media Aggregation and Alert Broadcasting

         Digital Signage Emergency Alerts

         RSS and HTTP Post Alerts

More information about AppArmor Alert is available here:


Web-based training services from a AppArmor certified trainer. The training courses available are:

         Cloud Dashboard and App Features

         Cloud Dashboard for Emergency Response

AppArmor API

The Application Programmers Interface (API) allows developers integrate and send push notifications through the AppArmor custom safety app.

Marketing Launch Toolkit

The Marketing Launch Toolkit includes screen shots, graphics, marketing resources, poster templates, business card templates, and a promotional video of your AppArmor safety app. This is effective in helping you promote your safety app with community members.

Inquiries and Placing an Order

To inquire about our products or place an order, please email Our team will correspond with you to answer any questions including implementation timelines. Alternatively, contact:

David Sinkinson, CEO

AppArmor Mobile

Phone: 416-708-4688


Warranty, Returns and Support

All support is provided by contacting your AppArmor representative, or email Our support team will work with you to resolve any warranty, returns, or support issues. Returns are subject to the term of commitment for your purchase.


DIR Contract

Our DIR contract number is DIR-TSO-4023. You can review the DIR Contract information here:


The DIR Cooperative Contracts webpage is available here: